Did you know...

The most dangerous time in a
teenager's life is prom night!

  On a typical prom weekend:

*U.S. Dept. of Transportation

We all know what can happen on prom night - after the prom. We either learned the hard way, or heard about it in the news. Unfortunately, prom night is too often viewed as a "right of passage" and an excuse to abandon values and common sense and run wild.

The Senior Prom is supposed to be one of the happiest nights of a teenager's life, but for too many it turns into a nightmare. Drugs, alcohol and a "tradition" of unsupervised parties after the prom generally results in trouble.  Some teenagers only end up embarrassed while others end their revelry in police custody with hangovers, or involved in a vehicle accident - or worse.

48 American teenagers killed on Prom night - we MUST do something to prevent this tragedy.

48 American teenagers killed on Prom night

How can we stop this?

We can throw a party! 

We can make their prom night a night to remember - not a tragic experience they'll want to forget!

Schools, parents or PTO and PTA organizations can stage a compelling, fun-filled and entertaining event as an alternative to 'other' activities.  They can now create an event more appealing to the teens - than engaging in dangerous activities that include drinking, drugs and driving under the influence.

After Prom Party Guide - learn how you might help save a life - click here!The "After Prom Party Guide" is a remarkable new downloadable eBook that is crammed full of effective and proven procedures, and packed with event planning instructions and information from party concept to completion!

In addition to a detailed course of action, specifics about what to do, how to do it, where to go for help and how to finance, promote and stage an after prom party, the book includes everything from your first meeting agenda, party theme ideas to fundraising solicitation letters.

This powerful new eBook is an all-encompassing "how to" instruction manual for staging an event that will have the kids talking for months afterwards. BUT most of all, this is a solution to keeping kids safe on one of the most dangerous nights of their lives. 

What can you do?

Maybe you don't have a teenager in high school, and you may not even know a high school student.  Whatever the case may be, every high school in your community will be having a prom and without proactive planning, some of those kids could end up as a statistic. This virus is about saving kids' lives!

What can you do?  Two things...

  1. Send this website URL to EVERY parent in your address book. Trust me, if they are a parent, they will not view this as just another 'pass-it-on' email.

  2. Ensure that your community high school has a copy of the After Prom Party Guide.  Buy it - donate it to your school.

This is about saving kids' lives

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Why a virus?

We want to reach every parent

You probably know how a viral marketing campaign works... you tell your friends, ask them to tell their friends - before long millions of people across the country are learning how they can play a part in saving a teenager's life during prom night.

What makes this book unique?

There is a huge difference between information - and knowledge and experience.  This eBook is the result of hands-on personal experience and exhaustive research by the author. 

If you're a parent, this eBook was created for you, and for schools, churches, PTA and PTOs, teachers and volunteers who cannot afford to hire a professional event planner. 

Some schools actually pay as much as $100,000 to hire a party planner and stage an After Prom party.  If your Zip code isn't 90210, we have an alternative.

After Prom Party Guide covers every conceivable facet of planning, organizing, financing, promoting and producing a spectacular event.  Among the topics discussed in depth:

Don't just take my word for it

My name is Lori Heatherington and I am the author of the After Prom Party Guide

This project began as an act of love; my love for my daughter and the desire to make sure she was safe on the night of her Prom. When I decided to organize my first After Prom party for her senior class, I was not aware of the most of the topics in this book. I learned what I needed to know - the hard way.  In spite of my lack of formal event-planning experience, our After Prom party was planned and executed in less than eight weeks and was an extraordinary success.

Countless other parents today experience the same fears and frustrations that I had a few short years ago. I feel that what I learned can be of great benefit to them so I spent the last year reviewing and rewriting my original notes and researching new laws, codes and regulations. I interviewed people from the IRS and professional event planners and educators to help develop a planning script that would help people who were now faced with organizing an after-prom event.

To my knowledge, the After Prom Party Guide is unlike anything that is available from any other source. It is a comprehensive blueprint for how to stage a FUN, substance-free after-prom celebration. Because this is an instant download, you can begin organizing your after-prom event immediately!

Don't take my word for it, read what others have said about my new book... (more reviews here)

"It has been my privilege, over a thirty-year career, to work with kids as a teacher, coach, and parent and I must say that one of the most recurring problems during that time has been the Prom Night Parties! I have seen, first hand, some of the terrible things that can happen on prom night. Not until this book have I ever seen a plan for preventing the terrible things form happening, while at the same time preserving the excitement, wonderful traditions, and lasting memories of that great event in every kid's life. This book is a must read for every parent with a child of an age to attend a prom dance! The suggestions in this book will make the Prom Night more fun for kids while preventing the common problems associated with that event!."

~ Mac Bledsoe
Teacher, Coach, and Parent
Author of Parenting with Dignity


"I attended the author's very first after prom party as a high school senior, and it was quite a celebration! It was one of the most memorable events of my entire high school experience. Currently, I am finishing my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and have a great job with a county sheriff's office. This book leaves no doubt on how to put together an exciting, responsible event that is safe for all teenagers across this country."

~ Travis B.
Denton, TX

It's up to us

Spread the word - maybe save a life!

This book is about keeping our kids safe on what has become one of the most dangerous nights of their young lives. What's more, this is about helping you save time, money and frustration. The guide covers every conceivable facet of planning, organizing, promoting and producing your event.


After Prom Party Guide - learn how you might help save a life - click here!

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